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DAS Seal is a double-acting seal and guide element comprising of a rubber seal, two split support rings and two split bearings, located either side of the seal. The profile seal ring seals in both the static and dynamic range whilst the backup rings prevent extrusion into the sealing gap. The function of the guide rings is to guide the piston in the cylinder tube and to absorb transverse forces. The design provides a compact seal and guide combination for a closed or split installation groove. It is a combination seals used in hydraulic applications as well as some heavy industries. The nitrile rubber seal has proved itself to be extremely wear resistant in service. It is designed to be compressed by the housing to ensure a low pressure seal and when pressurised be protected from extrusion damage by the extending lips of the support ring. A tough flexible polymer is used for the support ring which is scarf cut for assembly and to protect the seal from damage. This type is characterized by a Z-shaped back-up ring which forms a chamber with the elastomer seal ring on the inside and is centered on the outside by the guide ring.



Easily assembled into one-piece piston because the back-up rings and guide rings are been produced in split forms. It is very important that the assembly tools must be of soft material and have no sharp edges. Before installation the sealing element must be oiled with system oil.

 five piece double acting compact seal which consists of one elastomeric nitrile rubber sealing element , two polyester elastomer back-up rings on both sides to prevent extrusion into the sealing gap and two special profiled guide rings produced from thermoplastic to absorb transverse forces.


• Superior sealing performance
• Economic sealing and guiding solution
• Simple groove design , one-piece piston possible
• Long service life
• Simple snap installation