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These seal is used in Tractor Trolley Part's.???????

Nitrile (NBR) Butadiene Rubber Seals for Industrial and Domestic Use

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) is usually considered as the backbone of the industrial and automotive rubber products industries. NBR is actually a complex family of unsaturated synthetic rubber copolymers of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. The physical and chemical properties of NBR depend on the percentage of acrylonitrile in the base polymer. Generally, this type of synthetic rubber is resistant to oil, fuel, grease, water, air and flame retardant liquids (HFA, HFB, HFC).

Today, NBR is one of the most popular sealing elements due to its strong engineering properties. NBR rubber seals, can be used in hydraulic liquid, gas oil, silicon oil, animal and vegetable oils and fats as well as hot and cold water.

Beneficial Aspects of Nitrile Rubber Seals

The following aspects of NBR have made it the most widely used elastomer in the sealing industry today:

  • Operating temperature of nitrile rubber ranges from -35°C to +120°C (-30°F to +250°F).
  • Ability to be compounded for numerous applications.
  • Certain grades of nitrile rubber when compounded with PVC offer better resistance to ageing, flame, petrol, and ozone.
  • Carboxylated grades of NBR rubber seals (XNBR) have improved physical properties as well as resistance to higher temperatures.
  • Potable water (WRC/WRAS) compounds of NBR are suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Fuel and oil resistant O-rings are created from nitrile based compounds for several military rubber specifications.
  • NBR rubber seals with high acrylonitrile content offer better oil resistance.
  • Low temperature flexibility and resilience are achieved with low acrylonitrile content.
  • Special low-temperature compounds of nitrile rubber are used for mineral oil-based fluids.